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ABP Lightroom Mobile Presets Pack


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Mompreneur, this is for you if you're ready to make a change NOW + you love the flexibility of a course to work through on your own time. You're ready to do the hard work and see that transformation!

If you're an everyday mama looking for printables and a community to help you cultivate & celebrate life everyday, this is for you! Join in for monthly mini-challenges, live support with Amber, and more!

Have you always wanted that beautiful, bright and vibrant look to your photos but just couldn't figure out how to do it? Look no further friend! ABP Mobile Presets are here to make your photos everything you've ever dreamed! 

" Being a working mom is challenging, and adding the messy life of family makes it even harder sometimes. Amber always encourages me at my highs and at my lows and reminds me of my purpose! She comes up with simple, creative ideas to help lessen some of the mess. I truly believe Jesus crossed our paths and He uses Amber to remind me I'm not alone in this crazy messy thing we call life!"


Amber's sisterhood is such a little golden ray of sunshine I can never live without!


Cultivate & Celebrate Monthly Membership

Becca's Testimonial for Biz & Babies

"Amber is one of the absolute BEST at balancing motherhood + entrepreneurship! She gives the best advice, and is SO raw, real + tells it like it is! She's also a pure joy to work with!"

rebecca vann


Biz & Babies Course For Mamapreneurs

"As a long time creative business owner herself, Megan has been right where you are! Her heart is to take everything she has learned and to help you both navigate and flourish as a creative business!"

shay cochrane

"Working with Megan is always such a joy! She is one of the most organized speakers I have worked with - quick to respond, always over-delivering on the quality of work & incredibly open & honest with those in attendance. She provides challenging content, never holds back on what works & what doesn't work & I'd highly recommend adding her to your next conference - whether it be online or in person!!"

kat schmoyer

"Megan is a person who I would truly recommend for anything. I call her my "creative unicorn" because if there's a project that needs vision, styling, researching or vetting, she can rock it out. As an educator, she's the first to talk about the things everyone really wants to discuss but are too afraid to say. As a designer, she creates products that sell and are beautiful to boot."

laura foote

"Megan is the type of person who not only can inspire and encourage you, but can challenge you to take the next step with confidence. She's an incredible activator & able to execute on her vision quickly and with such skill. With each interaction Megan has the ability to build and strengthen relationships & highlight those in the industry with a voice needing to be shared. If you have the opportunity to work alongside her, know that you're in for a treat and to be wow'ed!

lauren carnes

"They’re just a one-touch edit that give you professional looking images all taken with just your phone! The presets are so easy to use! She has one for inside, outside & the beach one is my FAVORITE! Also, the guide she gives you on adjusting your images & the tips she gives you for photographing well in camera before editing are so helpful. Seriously she makes it SO simple and spells it out for you in a really way to understand! If you want amazing pictures for Instagram, your blog or to print in albums to keep in your home - definitely grab Amber’s presets!"


"The Mobile Presets are INCREDBILE!!! 


ABP Lightroom Mobile Presets Pack


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