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Friends, let me tell you about Mary + Hunter’s wedding at Homestead Barn in Monticello, FL! It was beyond amazing! Not only was it absolutely beautiful in all the ways, but this couple also holds such a special place in my heart since Mary & I go back many years! This day was truly their dream come true!

When asked about what they wanted their wedding day to be like (long before the actual date) as they described it all I could think of was an intimate, joyful unity and celebration. A day truly about THEM and their love for one another + their family and friends! And let me tell you friends, they NAILED IT. 

First, the weather was absolutely perfect – a sunny day with the sweetest breeze! And let me tell you about the details! They incorporated pinecones as a special reminder of Mary’s passed grandfather – cue (the beginning of) all the tears! Mary was adorned with all things special from her grandmother’s pearl necklace to her other grandmother’s ring, and lastly a piece of her mother’s wedding dress wrapped around her bouquet. 

Then there was the bridal party – the sweetest group of girls and the funnest group of guys! These girls were the calmest and kindest women, so like Mary! 

All of the colors through the day truly popped (as you’ll see!): the beautiful deep maroons and earthy warm wood tones swirled beautifully with the greenery and bright cream colors! Who else loves that color palette?! (PICK ME EVERYTIME!)

I’ll end with sharing the sweetest and most treasurable moments I loved to witness: Mary’s first look with her dad, hand holding and praying with her soon to be husband and that first look between them as she walked down the aisle. Mary’s first look with her dad had me (continuing) in all the tears, along with Mary as you can so clearly tell in her photos! Raise your hand if you’re a daddy’s girl!? The sweet first touch between Mary and Hunter had the tears refusing to stop, and their prayer was one to be remembered (and hopefully framed!). Finally, the first look exchanged as they closed the space between them down the aisle to becoming husband and wife. But really, how many times are you allowed to cry at weddings, even as a photographer?! (ALL DAY LONG YOU CRY THOSE HAPPY TEARS GIRL!) 

This day was absolutely everything and more and I was so honored to capture it! So many blessings and so much love to you both Hunter and Mary! 





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