What's in My Bag: A FREEBIE for Wedding Photographers

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What’s in My Bag: A FREEBIE for Wedding Photographers

Be prepared. We hear it all the time! Whether it’s anticipating client needs or preparing for the worst, we all want to feel like we’re ready for anything. And, we want our clients to know we are too.

As a wedding photographer, one of the questions I’m asked most often is what gear I bring with me to portrait sessions and wedding days. That’s why I’m SO excited to share that you can download my entire gear + emergency kit list for FREE! Whether you’re looking to update your kits or gear, or ready to jumpstart your photography business, this is the guide for you! Download your FREE copy here!

What's In My Bag: Amber Brogdon Photography shares her gear list and emergency kit list in a downloadable freebie for wedding photographers

What’s in My Bag?

Inside this freebie, you’ll find my comprehensive list for gear and my emergency kits. I want you to feel as prepared as possible to take care of your clients. No more wondering if you have everything when you leave for a session. You don’t even have to waste time looking up the gear I recommend. Everything is linked for you! Since I know what it’s like to run a business with a kid on my hip, I know how valuable your time is. Now you don’t have to waste time hunting down answers from your favorite photographers, instead you can focus right in on the equipment you need – and then onto the next part of your business that needs some love!

And this freebie isn’t just about all of the gear I use as a wedding photographer. It’s also got a great list for your very own emergency kit! Having an “emergency kit” available to your clients shows them how prepared you are and how you care for those little details so they don’t have to worry about them! It’s full of simple items: bobby pins, a sewing kit, some water, and even toys for the kids involved in your session. Seriously: SO easy and it shows your clients how much you care!!

Grab your freebie HERE with a complete breakdown of my gear + links to each product! I can’t wait to hear what you think about this comprehensive list – and what you’d like to see next!



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