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As a busy mama of a busy toddler there are just some things that you just gotta have – aside from that cup or two of coffee that is! Because let’s be honest, coffee is always the first thing! But secondly, I am all about the tools that make my + my family’s life easier and more enjoyable and so many things on this list make me so so happy to turn to! From a super-soft sleep sack for my little guy to a water table that keeps us both happy for days on end, here are my toddler must haves!

Kyte Sleep Sack (Toddler Version!)

I wish you could feel how unbelievably SOFT this is through this post! Favorite + softest wearable blanket EVER! When Beckett started walking, we graduated from the Kyte baby sleep sack to the one with feet πŸ™‚ Honestly, he loves these, so why worry about a blanket right now?!



Swaddle Me Bed Rail Bumper

Toddler Must Haves l Amber Brogdon Photography

This made the transition from crib to toddler bed seamless! It’s soft (but firm enough to do its job!) and fits right under the fitted sheet. It’s easy to take along with you if you’re traveling, too! It stays in place perfectly.



Bella Tunno Suction Plate

Toddler Must Haves l Amber Brogdon Photography

What’s not to love about these toddler must haves?! 100% FDA Approved Food-Grade,Β BPA & PVC free, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe, yesss please! πŸ™‚ For every product sold, Bella Tuna donates 1 meal to 1 child in America. Just another reason I love supporting this company. They suction right to the table or high chair, and we love the fun little sayings!Β 



3 in 1 Hooray! Elmo Potty

Toddler Must Haves l Amber Brogdon Photography

We’re in the thick of potty training, and this little potty makes it so much more exciting for Beckett! He loves anything Elmo so this is a big hit! When you push the handle down, it “flushes” and Elmo says phrases to cheer your little one on! It can also be used as a step stool. I love that the cup is removable for easy cleanup.



Elmo Potty Book

Toddler Must Haves l Amber Brogdon Photography

The perfect addition to the Elmo potty! πŸ™‚



Llama Llama Books

Toddler Must Haves l Amber Brogdon Photography

I think I enjoy these books as much as Beckett does πŸ™‚ They are SO sweet + teach about topics your toddler can relate to.



Water Play Table

Toddler Must Haves l Amber Brogdon Photography

Summers in Florida, need I say more?! Especially for work from home parents, this table really is a toddler must have! You can sit outside with your kiddo and get work done while they are getting outside time and playing! Comes with plenty of accessories for hours of entertainment. A big hit in our family!



To shop the entire list of my toddler favorites, click here!



Full Disclosure: These links direct you to my Amazon Storefront which I do earn commission from if you choose to purchase (it’s not added to your total at all! It’s just a nice perk for recommending all my favs with you!)


If you’re not at the toddler stage yet with your little one, check out some of my New Mom Favorites!





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