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5 Little Things that Make a Big Impact on Clients

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in life, right?

Like a compliment from a stranger, or a random text of encouragement from a friend. Don’t get me wrong, big gestures are appreciated, but the little things just have a special way of adding up and touching your heart! The same rules apply in your business! I’m sharing with you the 5 things that impact clients in a big way! 

The foundation of my business is based on loving + serving my clients from the heart.


1. Offer A Style Guide

My first tip for 5 things that impact clients applies to all kinds of photo sessions!

For portrait sessions, this can look like family outfit inspiration, tips for how to look their best in portraits, etc.

For weddings, it can be top trends for the bridal party attire/decor inspiration! Pinterest is my best friend for this! 

You can find my style guide inspiration here!


2. Be the Expert

I always tell my clients they do not need to arrive knowing what to do beforehand- I will walk them through every step of the session + prompt them so they feel confident and look great in front of the camera! To make the session flow seamlessly, have your favorite “go-to” poses in your head and clearly show them exactly what to do, talking them through the whole entire process with positive reinforcement! Help them decide on location based off the look they’re trying to achieve.

Posing Freebie coming soon!


3. Be Overly Prepared

Having an “emergency kit” available to your clients shows them how prepared you are and how you care for those little details so they don’t have to worry about them! Pack things like a tide pen, bobby pins, a sewing kit, extra water, bug spray, fun things for kids to play with etc. Just another way to serve your clients and make them feel extra cared for!  

You can find a download of the top necessities in my bag for both portraits and weddings here!


3. Go Above + Beyond!

  1. My favorite of all! It’s the little touches that make you stand out – like bridal guides to help your couple walk through planning every little detail for their day. It can also look like a congratulations gift sent after the wedding day! Make it personal to you! I’m a sucker for surprises in the mail, so I love sending a cute little gift box after the wedding day has passed to show my love for my couples!
  2. You can see examples of my favorite congratulations gifts here!
  3. (BONUS! Enjoy 20% off your Greetabl using the code AMBERBROGDON)


5. Be a Great Communicator

Walk them through the entire process + answer any questions before they even have a chance to ask them! Everyone likes to know what to expect, and communication is key to running a professional business + serving your clients well. This should go without saying, but I’m surprised at how many businesses lack this, and it truly does make a huge difference in client experience!




I truly hope these tips on 5 things that impact clients help you out, fellow business owner & friend! If you have any other ideas you’ve used please feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear your unique ideas!





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