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Wedding Photographer Must Haves l Amber Brogdon Photography

So, you’re new to the photography business world. What programs do you REALLY need to get up and running?! Well, I’m here to share my top favorite Wedding Photographer Must Haves + some discounts with you today! When I started my business I didn’t even know half of these existed, now I couldn’t live without them! Let me save you some research and let’s dive in!



This is my business lifeline! It organizes ALL of my projects all in one place. From proposals, contracts, email templates, client communication and SO much more! I’ve used this wedding photographer must haves tool for client management since they launched and I’m obsessed! 

50% off your first year!



This is what I use to deliver images to my clients! This online gallery is user-friendly and makes my post-session workflow simple. There’s an option to turn on a store where you can set your prices and easily sell prints + products directly from your online gallery as well!

20% off your first year’s subscription!



The prettiest, most visually appealing email marketing out there, in my opinion! SO EASY TO USE! 

Save 50% off your subscription!



I’m not a numbers person… but my amazing virtual bookkeeper and I use this together. We both have access to keep the financial side organized + running well! I easily upload receipts and she keeps on top of my accounts + balances everything!

50% off your subscription + a $50 Visa gift card!


Adobe Lightroom

Editing GAME CHANGER! All of my editing is done in Adobe Lightroom. When I first started my business, I was editing each and every image through Adobe Photoshop, and it took FOREVER! Now I can easily batch edit and it makes my editing workflow super quick + seamless! Learn from me and use Lightroom from the start! It’s very rare that I have to take an image into Photoshop to edit something now.



If you haven’t used Photo Mechanic, I am about to change your life! This program makes culling through your images extremely fast + efficient. After a session, I use Photo Mechanic and “flag” the best images I’m keeping to edit by the simple press of a keyboard button. The whole process takes just minutes! From there, I can view all of my flagged images and transfer only those to Lightroom to edit. You can use different color codes or a star rating system as well! If you’re spending too much time in post, this “Wedding Photographer Must Haves” is for you!



Planoly is a game changer for keeping my business social media sites + posts organized, planned and flowing perfectly! Not only is it visually appealing, it is also so simple to use and saves me so much time! A must have for social media users (which is all of us, right?!).



This is like an online checklist to keep your tasks organized and on time. The best part is I can share it with my team to make sure we’re all on the same page and nothing goes overlooked! I use the free version and it’s served me wonderfully!



Which programs are you excited to add into your workflow?!




Now that you know what I love for my workflow, treat yo self! Check out the things I love around my house!



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