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When you hear “best business advice” what do you think of? Maybe it’s “manage your money wisely!” or “know your numbers!” While all those are great nuggets of advice, my most prized and helpful business advice leans more on the personal side. It’s something I feel isn’t necessarily widely spoken of or even fully practiced in today’s world, especially by us wanna do it all enneagram 3 personality types!


Picture this with me: You start your business out and you want to do all the things, so you set out and work all day every day just so you can hopefully get ahead and get the ball rolling. A few days, a week, maybe a month later you find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed and crashing and you just don’t know where it went wrong? Well friend, my best advice surrounds the topic of setting healthy boundaries, and I believe that’s where most of us find our answer to the crash.

Business Advice l Amber Brogdon Photography


My Best Business Advice:

Set healthy boundaries and communicate them clearly from the beginning. 


This includes but is not limited to: 

Setting office hours and only checking + responding to emails, calls, etc. during those hours.

This business advice so important, friend! I have to remind myself to “turn off” work mode when my work hours are done. Just as I would in a typical 9-5 desk job where you can “leave” work at work. One of the best (and toughest!) things about being your own boss is being able to set your own hours. You decide when you want to work, but you really need to make sure you have unplugged time from your business every day. Trust me, this will keep you sane + refreshed when the next day rolls around!


Clear and direct communication.

If your contract didn’t state it, and you don’t feel comfortable doing it, there’s always a kind way to politely say no. Don’t be afraid to say no, my friend! If you can’t fit that shoot into your schedule at the specific time a client needs, don’t try to squeeze it in, politely decline, and offer an alternative if you have one. Speaking of contracts, make sure yours is filled with VERY clear expectations and guidelines. These are there to protect your business, so stick to them. I’m not a lawyer but this isn’t just business advice, it’s legal advice!


Schedule Everything.

This little business tip helps you know your priorities so that you can know when to say no + where your time boundaries lie in one day. I have tools that work for me (Coming soon to the blog!) about some of my own specific scheduled and how I manage a household as a mama and business owner! 

Business Advice l Amber Brogdon Photography


Remember, boundaries are NECESSARY. They make you a better person + entrepreneur. I hope this business advice helps you in your journey, no matter what stage you’re in!



Once you set those beautiful boundaries, maybe pick up a book or two!



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