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If you’ve read my last blog, you know my online cart has been full during quarantine! This week, I’m sharing my favorite Amazon finds that keep my business flowing smoothly (and colorfully!).

Frixion Erasable Pens

Amazon Finds l Amber Brogdon Photography

These are what I use to write in my planner because they are ERASABLE! Let’s be honest, 2020 has been full of rescheduling and uncertainty! This was one of those Amazon finds that started as a fun, colorful way to be organized and now I’m so thankful for it! If plans change my planner doesn’t have to look like a disaster, haha! I really love these.

Canon Mark III

Amazon Finds l Amber Brogdon Photography

Canon girl over here! I love this camera body. I have two of them!

Rolling + Backpack Convertible Camera Bag

Amazon Finds l Amber Brogdon Photography

This is how I pack my gear on wedding days! I love this camera bag because you can roll it like a suitcase or wear the straps like a backpack. It fits my two camera bodies, lenses, and my accessories! I’ve been very pleased with this bag, and it’s less expensive than most!

Blue Light Glasses

Amazon Finds l Amber Brogdon Photography

Stylish + functional 😉 When I’m spending the day staring at the computer screen, I wear these blue light glasses. I don’t edit with them because they slightly change the tint. But for everything else, they’re amazing!

Simplified Planner 

It’s no secret I’m a huge Emily Ley fan, and the Simplified Planner is top of my list! I am going to do a whole blog post on how I use this amazing planner in a future post! I love how it breaks your day down hourly. It’s been a huge game-changer for my work and life.

Clear Bubble Umbrellas

Amazon Finds l Amber Brogdon Photography

I have a handful of these I bring with me to every wedding- you never know when you’ll need them! 😉

(Link to rainy wedding day blog post!)

SD Card Holder

Amazon Finds l Amber Brogdon Photography l SD Card Holder

Extremely durable + functional. I have two of these and they’re the best! If you are looking for ways to make your life easier, keeping your SD cards safe and organized, this is a MUST “business buy”!

SD Card

Best Amazon Business Buys l Amber Brogdon Photography

SD cards can be one of those tough Amazon finds but I love the Lexar Professional SD + CF cards!

MagMod Flash Diffuser Kit

This baby has been with me for two wedding seasons so far, and I love it! It’s a bit heavier than my old Gary Fong diffuser, but MUCH more functional!

Enneloop Pro Rechargeable Batteries

Amazon Finds l Amber Brogdon Photography l Amazon Battery

I finally made the switch to rechargeable batteries for my flashes and I’ve been so happy! I spent so much money on regular batteries (you know how quickly flashes go through batteries!) so making the switch was a fantastic and a great investment!

Flair Felt Marker Pens

Best Amazon Business Buys l Amber Brogdon Photography l Pens

These are so pretty 😉 I love planning my content out with these and using color-coding. They write like a thin marker so they make your handwriting extra pretty 🙂 I will always be a huge fan of these!

Full Disclosure: These links direct you to my Amazon Storefront which I do earn commission from if you choose to purchase (it’s not added to your total at all! It’s just a nice perk for recommending all my favs with you!)




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