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My Favorite Life and Business Books-4

When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley

Hands down my favorite book I’ve ever picked up making it the perfect book to kick of my Favorite Life and Business Books blog! It’s no secret Emily Ley is one of my favorite authors and someone I consider a mentor. (She lives in the same town as my bestie- maybe I’ll run into her when I’m visiting Pensacola) 😉

She illustrates her books beautifully and they always speak right to my heart, and she writes like she’s talking to you as a friend.

While the world is telling us we need more things, we need to do more things, and we need to always be hustling, Emily puts life into perspective. As a wife, mama, and business owner who doesn’t know how to slow down, this has been a game-changer for me. I’ve learned to quiet the noise, lessen the commitments, and truly just have white space on my calendar. It’s amazing the things we don’t even realize are leading us to become overwhelmed, distracted, burned out and stressed to the point of tears. What happens when we choose to put down our phones and actually have dinner and real conversation together as a family?  Pure joy. This book is gold- and a must-read for women in all stages of life.

My Favorite Life and Business Books-4

Thirty-One Days of Prayer for the Dreamer + The Doer by Jenn Sprinkle + Kelly Rucker

I always want to glorify the Lord in all aspects of my business. God gave me these talents to share with others. Clients aren’t just clients to me, it’s deeper: it’s about the relationship and more times than I can count they become dear friends. It’s truly wonderful to see how He has orchestrated our paths to cross. This book covers specific prayer topics for dreamers + doers: wellness, authenticity, serving, fears, comparison, and social media just to list a few. Each prayer has related bible verses and questions to make you think deeper.


Make it Happen by Lara Casey

Lara is another inspirational and faith-based author that I adore. I love the raw + real she shares! She does a great job of walking you through how to cultivate a meaningful life, take a leap of faith, and trust God through the process. If you feel stuck, scared, or trying to do all the things, Lara’s words will encourage you to live a life full of purpose while keeping God at the center of it all.

My Favorite Life and Business Books-4

Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

Another gem! Emily shares how to have grace with yourself, your people, and in your calling. Often times we are striving for this thing that does not exist- this thing that will send you over the edge and make you crazy. This thing is called “perfection” and truly does not exist. Yet we find ourselves trying to hold ourselves, the people we love, and our businesses to this unattainable level. She shares how to live and find your best life, a life filled with happiness and joy without striving for a Pinterest-perfect life. A great companion to “When Less Becomes More.”

Grace Not Perfection l Amber Brogdon Photography

The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst

Oh, man! I think it’s time to give this one another read. It’s been a few years and I need to hear these words again. Lysa puts a biblical perspective on making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands we are faced with every day. She does a beautiful job of presenting her message. If you’re living life overwhelmed, with too many commitments, an overbooked schedule, and an exhausted family, dive into this book! When you say “yes” to something, that automatically means you are saying “no” to something else.  We have to really hone down and take a deep look into what we’re saying “yes” to, making sure it’s the best “yes!”

My Favorite Life and Business Books

All of my favorite books have something in common. I believe a successful life + business isn’t built from constant hustle or what entrepreneur/business guides tells you to do. A happy and joy-filled life is about truly living, loving, full of grace and it’s a simple life. My favorite life and business books have all been a huge part of helping me remember what is truly important. I would love to know if you’ve read any of these, or what you’re looking forward to reading!

My Favorite Life and Business Books

Full Disclosure: These links direct you to my Amazon Storefront which I do earn commission from if you choose to purchase (it’s not added to your total at all! It’s just a nice perk for recommending all my favs with you!)



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