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Amber Brogdon Photography l Wedding Photographer Tallahassee Florida l Working with my wedding clients l Photographing Weddings l Getting To Know MeWhite Navy Wedding l Amber Brogdon Photography l Tallahassee Wedding PhotographerWhat are the Benefits Of A Second Shooter? I always give my couples the option to add a second shooter to their wedding package so I want to share! To me, there are no downfalls to having one, only amazing benefits!

All you have to do is tell me you want one, and I handle making it happen!

I am very particular with who I choose to be a second shooter since they are representing my business and I want them to be someone I work well with and that has a similar demeanor as I do in order to best serve my couples! This person is contracted through my business to work for me.

They use my memory cards to shoot on, so I leave the wedding with the images they took. I still edit all of the images, they just provide me with additional images I am able to use to add variety to add to your gallery!

Here are some reasons to consider:

Second Shooter l Perspective

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Different Perspective:

Another photographer allows the second to be in a different location than the main photographer, so they are able to capture a completely different viewpoint. This is ESPECIALLY beneficial during the ceremony. We are able to be in different locations, so one of us will focus on the bride walking down the aisle and the other on the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride! We oftentimes are using different lenses, which provides variety + additional images to your gallery. Amber Brogdon Photography l Benefits of a Second Shooter

Timeline Buffer:

Almost every wedding has a hiccup in one form or another, and our timeline serves as a guide to keep our day organized + on track as much as possible, but like with anything, we give grace because nothing is ever going to be perfect! In case of a hiccup that makes the timeline run a little more behind or get off track, the second shooter can head to a different location if I need them to, or help us to double up on portraits to keep everything moving. Having a second shooter allows there to be two of me, essentially 😉

White Navy Wedding l Amber Brogdon Photography l Tallahassee

Large Wedding Party and/or Guest List:

If you have a large wedding party, it is EXTREMELY beneficial to add a second shooter to your package! We can divide and conquer, and it makes portraits quicker + more efficient. For example, I can be photographing the bride and bridesmaids while the second shooter is photographing the groom and groomsmen simultaneously, joining together to photograph the entire bridal party! If you have a larger guest list (150+) it’s also beneficial in order to have additional portraits of your guests (candids during the reception while events take place, a different perspective on dancing, their reactions during the ceremony, etc.)

Is a second shooter absolutely necessary? Not at all. I have photographed tons and tons of weddings alone and I am still able to photograph the groom’s reaction as well as the bride walking down the aisle. But another viewpoint, set of hands, and the ability to be in two places at once will enhance your final wedding gallery! 😊 To me, the benefit is worth way more than the investment.

White Navy Wedding l Amber Brogdon Photography l TallahasseeSecond Shooter l Amber Brogdon Photography




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