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Sometimes the best advice comes from people who have already gone through what you’re going through. They can share their wisdom, lessons learned, and pieces of advice that helped them along the way.

I have a Facebook group for all of my brides- past and current- and I decided to ask them their best wedding advice to give engaged couples! This group of girls are literally the sweetest and always willing to help each other! I’ve summarized their wonderful words and wanted to pass it on to anyone who could benefit!

“Enjoy the process, because it goes by so quickly!” -Abigail

“Try to keep calm, drink some mimosas with the girls, and enjoy your day.” -Tamara

“Pick 3 things to splurge on!” -Carla

“Don’t let too many details overshadow being present on your day. Pick 3 things to really focus your time and energy on during the months leading up to the wedding, do your best then by the week of the wedding let go and surrender. I would advise getting a wedding coordinator who you can give all your wishes and desires to, then trust they will deliver. You will remember and reminisce more about the feelings you had on your wedding day than the cute/charming details that you wanted to make perfect. Your emotions will start to cloud your thinking beginning the week of the wedding so lean on the professionals and your friends and family even more when you start to feel this. They got you!” -Catherine

“Don’t apologize for anything that you feel like would make your day YOUR DAY. If you want pancakes for dinner -do it. You don’t want kids- don’t have them. Of course don’t be mean, but you can’t please everyone so don’t kill yourself trying!”-Alexis

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“Delegate, delegate, delegate! And then, don’t micromanage. Try to enjoy every moment you have because the day goes by so fast!” -Dixie

“Remember that this is YOUR day… and your husband’s, it’s okay to tell someone no. Also, delegate! You cannot do everything yourself (trust me… I tried). Look at your reception before the guests see it! Take it all in! I’m all for first looks with your husband and I did one with my dad! It’s the sweetest moment. Pick out/ splurge on your perfume! I picked a new perfume for my wedding day! It’s something I’m so thankful that I did. Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Don’t be uptight. Enjoy yourself!” -Morgan

A huge thank you to my past ABP brides for sharing their wisdom!






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