Chelsea + Alwayne | Cascades Park Engagement | Tallahassee, Florida - Tallahassee Florida Wedding Photographer | Amber Brogdon Photography

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Chelsea + Alwayne | Cascades Park Engagement | Tallahassee, Florida

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When Chelsea and I met at the coffee shop for her bridal consult, I don’t think either one of us knew just how much we would click! Not only did we talk about her wedding, but we just sat there and had a great chat like old friends would. Come to find out, we have so much in common. We are both weirdly obsessed with chapstick and have to have it with us at all times (never met someone that had that quirk like me until I met her!) The more we got to talking, the smaller the world got. Chelsea used to work with one of my family friends a few years back and she went to high school with my cousins! We both keep saying how thankful we are that God brought our paths together!

Chelsea’s beauty radiates from within. Her smile and laugh are both so contagious! You can’t help but be full of joy when you’re around her. Alwayne is one of the most laid back grooms ever! He has such a great personality and is such a gentleman! He insisted on carrying my camera bag for me the whole session- soooo sweet! The chemistry that he and Chelsea share is incredible. They must have gotten stopped five times by random people at the park telling them how amazing they looked and that they looked like models! YESSSSS!

I am looking forward to meeting their families I’ve heard so much about and watching their vision for their wedding day come to life later this year. Chelsea and Alwayne, you two are amazing! Enjoy some of my favorites!





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