Lorrie & Gary | A Thomasville, GA Plantation Spring Engagement - Tallahassee Florida Wedding Photographer | Amber Brogdon Photography

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Lorrie and I went to school together throughout the years, so it made it that much more special when she picked me to be her wedding photographer! When I met Gary, I felt like I’ve also known him forever! He is a jokester and kept me laughing constantly! I just love watching friends embark on the amazing journey of marriage.

Photographing these two was unbelievably natural. When you let loose, have fun, and just laugh together, your images are bound to turn out amazing! Made my job so easy and fun. Lorrie and Gary have the sweetest connection and it truly radiates.

Lorrie’s grandmother went to be with the Lord just days before this, but Lorrie insisted we keep our shoot date to honor her. She told me that though she had dementia, she would always ask Lorrie about the wedding and how her plans were going- something she never forgot. Lorrie and I were standing together near the end of our session, and a beautiful red cardinal flew RIGHT by our faces towards us. Lorrie had tears in her eyes and told me she had asked God for a sign that her grandmother was with them during their session. Absolutely amazing- brought more tears and chills!

Pebble Hill was absolutely breathtaking! The smell of jasmine filled the clear blue skies- ahhhh! It’s so rich in history and full of mature landscape and beauty. I enjoyed exploring and adventuring with this sweet couple! Their wedding is just seven short months away and I’m already looking forward to the next time I see them!

Thank you, Lorrie and Gary, for allowing me to capture this amazing milestone! Enjoy a few of my favorites from our day!


Ohhhh my goodness!


We could have stayed right here all day long!



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